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Personal selling
the direct person-to-person communication designed to explain how an individual’s or firm’s goods, services, or ideas fit the needs of one or more prospective customers
Consultative selling
the process of helping customers reach their strategic goals by using the products and expertise of the sales organization
Hard sell
involves trying every means to get the prospect to buy, regardless of whether it was in the prospect’s best interest
Relationship selling
the salesperson focuses on developing a trusting partnership by providing long-term customer satisfaction through listening, gathering information, education, and adding value for the customer
Role conflict
the anxiety caused by conflicting job demands
Role ambiguity
anxiety caused by inadequate information about job responsibilities and performance-related goals
Job anxiety
tension caused by the pressures of the job
the trait of being open to and excited about acquiring new knowledge and skills
means the salesperson seeks to elicit customer needs/problems and then takes the necessary steps to meet those needs or solve the problem in a manner that is in the best interest of the customer
Order taker
a salesperson who just processes the purchase the customer has already selected
Order getter
a salesperson who seeks to actively provide information to prospects, persuade prospective customers, and close sales
Suggestion selling
occurs when the salesperson points out available complementary items in line with the selected items in order to encourage an additional purchase
Field selling
involves calling on prospective customers in either their business or home
Traditional selling method
little time is spent on the early stages of the sales process
Professional selling method
a great deal of time is spent on the early stages of the sales process, so that commitment is the next logical step
Qualified sales leads
are potential customers who have a need for the salesperson’s product, the financial means to purchase the product, and the authority to make the buying decision
are obtained by the salesperson asking current customers if they know of someone else, or another company, who might need the salesperson’s product
Cold calls
contacting prospective customers without a prior appointment
the collection of information about the potential customer and the customer’s company prior to the initial visit
Flexible presentations
allow the salesperson to identify the customer’s needs and customize the presentation specifically for the individual customer
Memorized presentation
require that a salesperson commit a scripted presentation to memory
Adaptive selling
the process of identifying the social styles of customers and altering the presentation for each customer type
involves facilitating the development of sales skills through mentoring, modeling behavior, and one-on-one behavior
Sales-call anxiety
a fear of negative evaluation and rejection by customers