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When did the Irish potato famine take place around
In the "Black Forties"
the Germans came around 1848 for what reaons
Failed democracy and crop failures
Samuel Slater was an evil thief in the eyes of all Americans
Actually, we view him as the "father of the factory system" becuz he stole the British secrets for the cotton gin and constructed an even better one in 1791
what was so great about Eli Whitney?
He invented the cotton gin that separated the seeds from the cotton
what makes manufacturing so popular after the War of 1812
The War of 1812 makes us more self-sufficient
-Eli Whitney invents interchangeable parts
-the treaty of ghent which protected us from British dumping
who invented the sewing machine in 1846
Elias howe
what was determined in Commonwealth v. Hunt
This case decides that Unions are not conspiracies if their methods are peaceful and honorable
who made the steel plow
John deere
who made the mechanical mower-reaper
Cyrus McCormick
what did the Deists believe?
They believed in one supreme being who had created the universe and given humans a soul
-they rejected the concept of original sin and christs divinity
If you were of the Unitarian faith what would you believe in?
-you would believe that God existed in 1 person
-they denied the deity of Jesus and stressed that man was truly good,believed in free will, possibility of salvation thru good