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The degree of prisonization experienced by an inmate tends to vary over time
Inmate suffering from significant mental illness do not account for a significant number of those imprisoned
Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, a blind Muslim cleric and spiritual leader for many Islamic terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden, has continued to motivate terrorist acts even as a prisoner of the Federal Bureau of prisons
Correctional personnel can play a role in protecting America from attacks by terrorists.
Research indicates that prison subcultures have been stable over time despite changes in the wider culture.
Some authors suggest that violence in women's prisons occurs less often than in men's prisons.
A prisoner's mail can be censored if it is necessary to do so for security
A writ of habeas corpus directs the person detaining a prisoner to bring him or her before a judicial officer to determine the lawfulness of the imprisonment
The primary concern of correctional officers today is the effective rehab of inmates
Like inmates, correctional officers are socialized into the official and unofficial rules of staff society
Few women's prisons have programs specifically designed for female offenders
The majority of offenses committed bu women who are in prisons and jails are violent offenses
Inmates have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their cells
Prison language is also called:
prison argot
Erving Goffman used what term to describe places where the same people work, recreate, worship, eat, and sleep together.
total institutions
The socialization of inmates into the prison subculture is called:
The ________ model of prison culture suggests that inmates bring values, roles, and behavior patterns from the outside world.
In 2006, in the case of Beard v. Bank, the U.S. Supreme Court held that prison officials in Pennsylvania could prohibit the state's most violent inmates from:
receiving magazines, photo's and newspapers sent to them in the mail.
Researchers have described one type of prisoner who taked advantage of the positive experiences the prison has to offer as:
an opportunist
Which of the following terms in prison slanf for an informant?
A female offender, who is a career criminal and generally supportive of inmates' values in a women's prison, is called:
a cool
Cruz v. Beto in 1972, held that inmates must be given:
a reasonable opportunity to pursue their faith
Wolf v. McDonald provided inmates with:
appropriate due process before sanctions could be levied against them
Within a few years following the end of the hands-off doctrine, _____ intervened in the running of prisons in numerous states.
the federal courts
The ten years between 1970 and 1980 have been called ________ of prison riots.
the explosive decade

began with a massive uprisong at Attica Prison in NY State, 43 killed, 80 wounded. Ended in Santa Fe NM
This group experiences the highest rate of physical illness while in prison
When a women is in prison, her children are most likely to be cared for by:
what word describes aggressive men who assume the masculine role in homosexual relations in male prisons?
which type of prisoner thinks of prison as home and feels more comfortable institutuinalized than on the streets?
Some studies estimate the proportion of mentally deficient inmates at about:
The most radical form of Islam, ______ is being spread in American prisons providing new recruits who are Americqan citizens.
correctional personnel have a role to play in preventing terrorist attacks on America by:
intelligence gathering
Rookie correctional officers learn through socialization that:
the ideals of professionalism stresses in training are rarely translated into reality
the national institute of correctiond defines _______ as Creating an environment...that reflects an understanding of the realities of women's lives and addresses the issues of women
which of the following is not a cause of prison riots
multiple treatment opportunities for inmates
according to the national institute for corrections, the profile for a female prisoner in america would include the following characteristic:
survivor of physical or sexual abuse
which state has the largest number of female prisoners
According to the national institute of corrections _______ percent of women entering prison are mothers
streetwise young women with little respect for traditional prison values are called:
crack kids
in prison the primary threat of Muslim radicalization comes from
arrested repeatedly
few earlier experiences with criminal lifestyles, sympathize with values and attitudes of conventional society
suits to formally request a hearing to determine the lawfulness if imprisonment are generally called:
writs of habeas corpus
while in prison American citizens can be introduced to a radical form of:
A _______ is a formalized arrangement, usually involving a neutral hearing board, whereby inmates have the opportunity to register complaints about the conditions of their confinement
grievance procedure
the courts have generallyy held that inmates going before disciplinary hearing boards are intitled to:
notice of the charges brought against them
civil death refers to
inmates denied the opportunity to vote, hold public office, or enter into contracts
a prison official may be held liable under the 8th Amendment for acting with _______ to ubnate health or safety only if he or she knows that inmates face a substantial risk of serious harm and disregards that risk
deliberate indifference
in regard to medical treatment the us supreme court protects prisoners from:
the deliberate indifference on the part of the staff
which supreme court case signals a return to the hands-off doctrine of earlier times:
Wilson v. Seiter
what federal law reduced the number of suits brought by state prisoners in federal courts?
Prison Litigation Reform Act
Survey results published in 2006 reveal that about ______ of men and women reported having experienced one of more incidents of pressured or coerced sexual contact during their present incarceration
one out of every _____ american children has a parent in prison today?
1 out of 111 white children has experienced the imprisonment of a parent
1 out of 15 black children has experienced the imprisonment of a parent