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rich black soil
permanetly frozen soil
extreme variations in temp.
vast treeless plain that is cold
boreal forset belt, 2/5 of russia has this
temperat grassland climate
characteristics of the climate and seasons in most of russia?
harsh climate cold winters short cool summers
why does siberia recive little percipitation?
located far from ocean
what kind of temperature is typical of the tundra climate?
below freezing
why does so little vegetation grow in the tundra?
short growing season, thin acidic soil
what temperature and snnowfall is typical of the subarctic climate?
some of the coldest temperatures, 120-250 days a year of snow
how large is the taiga forest and what resource does it provide?
2/5 of western russia and the resource is soft-wood timber
why do most russians live in the mid-latitude climates?
the climate is much milder
what types of vegetation are found in russias humid continental climate?
mixed forest, rich chernozem soil
why do the russian winter of 1941 help defeat the german army?
(ww2) russias harsh winter depfeated the german armyt just like napolean was defeated
what recent challenges to the steppe ecosystem?
newly introduced plant species crowd the native grasses.