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who was theman who improved the sewing machine in 1846?
Isaac Singer
what happened to cost of clothing when sewing machine improved?
they were cheaper
1. Who invented lightweight steel plow?

2. Work became easier for people in what field?
1. John Deere

2. planting
Where did farm workers that were no longer needed to?
1. they went out west to start their own farms.

2. they got jobs in the new factories
How did the telegraph work?
Sent electrical signals
What were the telegraph signals based on?
Electrical dots
Between what two cities did the telegraph wire first run?
From the Supreme Court in D.C. to Baltimore
What was the first message on the telegraph?
What has God Wrought?
What could business men find out by using the telegraph?
1. supply of goods

2. demand of goods

3. price of goods
What was the greatest change that boosted the economy?
What speed did the rocket move at?
30 miles per hour
Name the steam powered engine that lost a race to a horse?
Tom Thumb
Sea Captains would load their goods with what goods to sail to far corners of the world
What was the key to success when trading at sea?
1. Who was the man that launched the RAINBOW

2. WHAT kind of ship was the rainbow
1. John Griffith

2. Clipper