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- National Republican: Henry Clay
-Democratic: Andrew Jackson
- Anti-masonic is third party

~Uses nominating conventions which is more democratic
Candidates and Aspects
Election of 1836

# of whig candidates?
-Who wins?
-Whigs ran 3 candidates from different locales to spread votes

-this strategy failed miserably

-Van Buren wins presidency
*Jackson rigged Democratic nominating convention

- Hated?

- Constisted of?
-Whig party hated Andrew Jackson

-Henry Clay, Webster, Calhoun
Van Buren's Handicaps

-other democrats...
- inherited

-w/ Canada
-Abolishiionists afraid of...
- Jackson administration's ___ War led to
-resent Jackson's sabbatoge o' Dem. Convention
- Jackson's enimies

-border problems__threaten war w/ Britain
-possible annexation of Texas(slave state)
-Bank; major depression in Van Buren's term
Effects of Panic of _____
-business failure
- bank failure
-customs duties collection declined b/c forign trade declined
Election of 1840


- Whigs
- Democrats
-William Henry Harrison
~ "Tippe Canoe and Tyler too"
-Martin Van RUIN->sucked it up

* Whig party played into the "common man image given by the Democrats to Harrison. Log cabins and Hard cider
Divorce bill(a.k.a. Independent Treasury Bill) proposed

- 2 major changes in US policies
1)Populist Democratic Style
2) Durable 2 party sytem...
~ Whigs
1)appeal to the common man; full democracy is respectable. Common man moving to center of Nat'l political Style. Ok to win support of common man

2)less abuses etc. By 1840,political parties had "come of age" ; Andrew Jackson

~ believed in liberty of the individual. Guard against use of privileged.
~ promote the harmony in society.Value of Community
Nullification crisis
North was trying to slow western development
South and West joined forces against North
Nullification debates, South Carolina stopped collecting tariff
Force Bill - Jackson forced Carolina to pay tariff
Clay's Compromise
South Carolina would repeal tariff nullification
Congress would lower tariff
South Carolina nullified Force Act (Just to have the final word)
missouri comprimise
Admitted Missouri as a slave state and at the same time admitted Maine as a free state. Declared that all territory north of the 36°30" latitude would become free states, and all territory south of that latitude would become slave states.