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Why is the term "Protestant Reformation" not accurate?
"Reform" means helped or fixed. More messes and problems were created.
What charged Luther to change his beliefs?
He had a 'supernatural' spiritual experience.
What were Luther's 95 theses about?
They were written to object to the Catholic indulgence doctrine.
What marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation?
Luther's 95 theses being written and displayed.
What were Luther's three theological premises?
1. Justification by faith.
2. Primacy of the Scripture.
3. The 'priesthood' of all believers.
Why did these premises upset the Catholic Church and the Pope?
Luther was telling people ideas that opposed the churche's beliefs.
For this he was charged with heresy by Leo X.
What was the Diet of Worms?
It was a council of princes of the Holy Roman Empire. They 'justly examined' Luther's trial.
What were Erasmus's beliefs?
What were Luther's beliefs?
Erasmus:: wanted to reform everything, even beliefs.
Luther:: said that Faith was the only way to ensure a place in Heaven.
Why did England become a Protestant Country under Henry VIII's rule?
Henry VIII wanted an annulment - the pope refused. Henry told him to 'screw off' and the archbishop agreed. The archbiship was a Protestant, and Henry VIII turned country that way.
Discuss Protestants vs. Catholics with the royal family from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I.
Henry VIII - married Anna (Protestant).
Edward I - made England more Protestant.
Mary Tudor - restored Catholicism (Bloody Mary - persecuted Protestants).
Elizabeth I - Protestant; came in when things were more Catholic.
Who was the Council of Trent?
What was the result of their meeting?
A council that was the foundation of a new counter-reformation of the Catholic Church.
The reaffirmed the Catholic doctrinal tenents.
What are Jesuits?
Who 'started' the organization?
'The Society of Jesus' - was run like a military company witha general (the Black Pope). Were supposed to do missionary work and establish schools.
Started by St. Ignatius Loyola.