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Why is the term "Protestant Reformation" not accurate?
He didn't want to break with the church. started his own, didn't fix the problems
What charges Luther to change his beliefs?
worried about how he was to get into heaven. Tetzel - dealing indulgences
What were Luther's 95 theses and why ded he write them?
list objecting to Catholic practices written in Latin for colleagues at university and then written down and translated into the vernacular - given to the masses
What were his three theological premises?
salvatin by faith alone, primacy of scripture, and priesthood of all believers
Why did Luther upset the Catholic church/pope?
church not needed anymore, showed that church was fallible
Where was the Lutehran Reformation? How did geography (location) attribute to the Reformation?
Germany - princes already unhappy that they were puppets of Pope/church/kind and had to pay taxes but had little say in making laws. Luhter gives princes autonomy.
What was the Diet of Worms?
Judged Luther for heresay - kidnapped and hidden for a year and take to Wartsbug
How were Erasmus and Luther similar?
both had problems with indulgences, authorities corrupt, church title meant little, scripture above papacy, both censured by church
What happened in England under Henry VIII? I.e. why did England become a Protestant Country?
Henry wanted divorce - started C.O.E. he is head of state anddd church, started for personal reasons
What was the result of the council of Trent?
meeting of catholic leaders, keep most things

declared papal sepermacy, reinforced discipline
What are Jesuits? Who "started" the organization?
Ignatius Loyola - "defend and revitalize the faith"