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Phi (Φ)
Nominal-level measure of association used for 2x2 tables. Value will range from 0-1
Strength of Relationship for Nominal-Level Measures of Association.
weak: 0.00-0.10
moderate: 0.11-0.30
strong: greater than .30
Cramer's V
Nominal-level measure of association used for tables larger than 2x2. Value will range from 0-1.
Proportional Reduction in Error (PRE)
Measures which require two Predictions
1) Ignore information about the independent variable and therefore make errors predicting the dependent variables.
2) Take account of the score of the case on the independent variable to help predict the score on the dependent variable.

If there is an association between variables we will make fewer errors when taking the independent variable into account.
Lambda (λ)
PRE measure for nominal-level variables. Value will range from 0-1.
When this value is multiplied by 100 it gives the percent by which knowing the independent variable helps predict the dependent variable.
Lambda As Asymmetric
The value of the statistic will vary based on which variable is taken as independent.
Calculating Measure of Association when Row marginals are unequal
Do not use lambda, use chi-square instead.