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perceived incompatability of goals or actions
condition marked by low levels of hostility and agression + mutually beneficial relationships
social trap
conflicting parties, by each rationally pursuing itse self interest, become caught in mutually destructive behavior
two examples of social traps
prisoner's dilemma and the tragedy of the commons
tragedy of the commons
"commons" = any shared resource; tragedy occurs when individuals consume more than their share, wit hthe cost of their doing so dispersed among all, eventually causing the ultimate collapse of the shared resource
non-zero sum games
games in which outcomes need not sum to zero; both can win or both can lose
maximize average tendency
mirror-image preceptions
reciprocal views of each other often held by parties in conflict; each may view itself as moral and peace-loving andheother as evil and aggresive
equal-status contact
contact on an equal basis; relationship between those of equal status; should be done to reduce prejudice (interracial contact should be between persons equal in status)
superordinate goal
shared goal that necessitates cooperative effort; goal that overrides people's difference from one another
seeking an agreemnt to a conflict through direct negotiation between parties
attempt by a neutral third party to resolve a conflict by facilitating communication and offering suggestions
resolution of a conflict by a neutral hird party who studies both sides and imposes a settlement (or chooses one of the two)
integrative agreemets
win-win agreements that reconcile both parties' interests to their mutual benefit
Graduated and Reciprocated Initiatives in Tension reduction; strategy designed to de-excalate international tensions