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ability to do work
Potential Energy
Stored Energy or energy at rest equals mgh
one kilogram times meters squared per seconds squared and is the most common way to measure energy
Refers to an objects speed and direction in m/s
Law of Conservation of Energy
Energy can niether be created nor destroyed but can be changed from one form to another
Radiant energy
energy transmitted by radiation
Mechanical Energy
Possessed by objects that are in motion or have the potential to move
Sound Energy
energy that moved in waves amd a form of mechanical energy taht must be transmitted thru matter
Thermal Energy
energy related to the motion of molecules in matter
Chemical Energy
is entirely potential energy found only in matter stored in bonds between atoms
Kinetic Energy
energy in motion
the process of changing the energy from sun light into a chemical energy
Electrical Energy
energy carried by charged` particles moving thru a conductor
Magnetic energy
energy excerted by natural magnets and moving electical charges
Nuclear energy
energy contained in the nucleus of an atom
mass times velocity; p=mv
Conservation of Momentum
momentum transfered from one object to another without a change in the total momentum of the entire system.
Solar Sailing
solar rays reflecting off large wing-like panels of a space craft provide force to propel the craft through the vaccuum of space.