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What is a Volcano
an opening in the earths surface out of which gasses as and lava may pour
Rocky Mountains
Newer, sharp peaks, taller
Appalachian Mountains
Older, rounded tops, much shorter
What Territory did Lewis and Clark Explore
The Louisiana Territory
Who did most of the work on the first Transcontinental railroad
Irish and Chineese People
In the mountains what has improved communication
Why did boomtowns spring up
The sprang up where they found gold
Than happens in a Trade-off
You give up something you want for something else that you want more
What is the value of what a person gives up to get something else called
opportunity cost
Name the important industry of the Pacific Northwest
The Lumber industry
Name 3 elements that caused mountains to change over time
rain, Ice Heat and blowing sand
What happens to the temperature as you go up a mountain
it gets cooler
The Rocky Mountains were a huge obstacle to the east-wewst travel in the U.S. until what?
The Transcontinental Railroad was built
Where do Most people in the western Mountain regions live
in the valleys between the mountains
The climate in the Pacific Northwest is perfect for what?
Growing trees/ the forest
What is the oldest nationla park in this region
Yellowstone National Park
Name the major ways people can earn a living in the West
Farming, Mining Lumber
Hot melted rock that comes out of a volcano
the side of a mountain
Continental Divide
The imaginary line that runs north and south along the Highest points of the Rocky Mountains
The line where it is too cold for trees to grow
somthing that blocks the way, or makes it hard to move from one place to another
Transcontinental Railroad
A railroad built to link the east and west coast