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Describe the major benefits provided by the Erie Canal. Do you think they are still important today?
The major benefits were it dropped the cost of shipping cargo dramatically, shortened travel times, and helpped the towns along it. Yes, I think it is still important today.
American System
plan developed by Henry Clay for raising tariffs to pay for internal improvements such as better roads and canals
Missouri Compromise
agreement proposed by Henry Clay that allowed Missouri to ebter the Union as slave state and Maine to enter as a free state, and outlawed slavery in any territories or states north of 36 degrees 30_______ line
Erie Canal
canal that ran from Albany to Buffalo, New York; completed in 1825
Henry Clay
Kentucky representive that proposed the Missouri Compromise
Why did Missouri's application for admission to the Union spark a controversey? After the Missouri Compromise , how many slave states were there? How many free states were there?
It sparked a controversey because some people wanted Missouri to be a slave state, and some did not. There were 12 slave states, and 12 free states.
Cumberland Road
first federal road project, construction of which began in 1815; ran from Cumberland, Maryland, to present-day Wheeling, Weat Virginia
How did new transportation systems affect the nation, particullary the western states?
It helped reduce travel times, and it helped transport goods. It also allowed the western resources to reach the rich east economy.
John Quincy Adams
was elected president in the election of 1824