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A(n) is a fix for a single problem within an OS.
updates for an os
Which installation option is usually initiated by accessing a shared network directory?
installation option with network
____is a process which replicates a drive to a new computer or to another drive on the same computer
disk imaging
disk cloning or imaging
Users will always be prompt for an installation directory during a(n)_____.
installation of os
When combined together, accumulated patches are called:
group of patches
which log file tracks each piece of hardware as it is installed on Windows XP?
log files
Which log file tracks the complete installation process, registry updates, and reboots of Windows Xp machine?
complete installation process
When Windows 2000/xp is installed on a new hdd, each partition is divided into 1 or more ____
logical drives
Which installation is popular for re-creating standard configurations?
A(n)_______is a combination of fixes
service pack
Patches,service packs, and Upgrades
When transfering files& preferences to a new pc, instead of using files & settings transfer wizard, You can use the ____command to copy the information from a server or reovable media to destination computer.
command to copy informaton
When transfering files & preferences to a new pc, instead of using the files and settings transfer wizard, you can use the ____ command to copy the informaton to a server or removeable media .
command to copy the information to a server or removable media.
A Text file or script that contains the answers to installation question is called
setup manager using text file or script
What is the first progress that runs on WinXP installation CD?
Upgrade advisor
steps for running on Windows XP installation CD
If you get an error message saying that the setup program can't read the CAB files, what should you do ?
Copy the i386 folder from the windows installation CD-ROM to your local hdd and run the setup program from there.
error message about CAB files