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back brushing
technique for building a cushion between two or more curl patterns for smooth comb out
back combing
teashing, ratting and meshing or fench lacing
barrel curls
pin curls with large center openings
foundation of a pin curl
area closest to scape
blow dry styling
drying and styling damp hair in one operation
carved curls
pin curls formed without lifting hair from the head
cascade or standup curls
pin curls fastend to the head in a standing position
part of pin the forms complete circle
closed center curls
pin curls that produce waves that get smaller towards inside
the hair that is wrapped around the roller
nozzle attachment of blow dry
directs the hair stream to one section of hair more intensly
nozzle attachment to blow dry to cause air to blow softly to keep curls
double press
techinque of passing a hot curling iron through hair before preforming a hard press
finger waving
Process of shaping and directing the hair into a pattern of s shaped waves with a comb
foam or mousse
light air whipped styling product resembles shaving foam. Adds body and volume to hair