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According to Vygotsky, children's ________ control is linked to their ability to incorporate adult standards into their communications.
________ is the ability to regulate impulses, behavior, and/or emotions until an appropriate time, place, or object is available for expression.
Self-regulatory ability depends on both ________ factors as well as ________ factors.
biological, contextual
Three-year-old Greg is sharing his toys with his peers while Adrienne screams when anyone takes one of her legos. These are examples of Greg's ________ behavior and Adrienne's ________ behavior.
prosocial, antisocial,
Andrew's father is in prison for serious assault and attempted murder. Although Andrew has not been around his father much he is exhibiting aggressive behavior towards his peers and siblings. One explanation for this might be:
lack of a stable father figure.
According to Bandura's theory, ________ behavior can be learned through observation or modeling, especially when the behavior was preceded by a reward.
In the classic study in which children watched a model act aggressively towards a Bobo doll the subjects were likely to:

a. be aggressive towards the Bobo doll.

b. be less aggressive towards the Bobo doll.

c. engage others in aggressive acts towards others.

d. display acts of kindness towards the Bobo doll.

e. feel sorry for the Bobo doll.
be aggressive towards the Bobo doll.
Katherine's parents want to discourage aggressive behavior. In order to do this they should:

a. refrain from using aggressive behavior such as spanking when disciplining her.

b. reward her for displaying proscocial behaviors.

c. all of these choices.

d. ignore or redirect aggressive behavior.

e. teach her to talk about her feelings rather than acting them out through aggression.
c. all of these choices.
Some researchers have found that people's reactions to frustration depend not so much on ________ but how they ________.
what actually occurred, interpreted the situation
Peer groups may support aggressive acts by influencing:
attitudes and rationalizations.
One factor related to aggressive acts perpetrated by groups is:
anonymity within a group.
The development of antisocial behavior has been found to be bidirectional and interactional which means that:

a. the media and the family are the primary causes of antisocial behavior.

b. a child's siblings and their peers at school create antisocial behavior in a child.

c. both the child and environment influence each other and interact to create antisocial behaviors.

d. the media and the child have a role in antisocial behavior.

e. no one single factor has been shown to create antisocial behavior.
both the child and environment influence each other and interact to create antisocial behaviors.
The ________ model attempts to identify mediating responses within an individual that may be predictive of aggressive behavior.
social cognitive
A child's ecological context includes:

a. child factors.

b. peer group factors.

c. parental factors.

d. all of these choices.

e. school factors.
all of these
When one's conduct benefits other people such as altruism, sharing and cooperation it is considered ________ behavior.