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the psychological and sociocultural dimensions of being female and male.
designates the biological aspects of being male or female.
gender role
a set of expectations that prescribe how females or males should think, act, or feel.
gender typing
the process by which children acquire the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are considered appropriate for their gender and culture.
a class of sex hormones, females, regulate the menstral cycle. important one estradiol
sex hormones, males, testosterone, male genitals and secondary sex characteristics.
social role theory
pwhycological gender differences are caused by the social role of men and women.
social cognitive theory of gender
childrens gender behavior devolops through observation and imitation of gender.
gender stereotyoes
broad catergories the reflect our impressions and beliefs about females and males
the presence of high degree of male and female characteristics in the same person
parental imperative
mothers and fathers adopt different gender roles so they can raise children more effectively.
being sexually attracted to people to both sexes