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Appellate Jurisdiction
A large and complex group of people and agencies whose purpose is to manage government and implement policy; often used to refer to the departments and agencies of the federal government.
Public Policy
All of a government's actions and programs that address issues and problems in a society or work toward a national goal.
Federal Budget
The document that details how much money the government collects and spends in a given year.
Fiscal Year
The 12-month period for which an organization plans its budget; for the government, from October 1 through September 30.
Independent Regulatory Commission
a federal agency whose purpose is to protect the public interest
Government Corporation
a business that the federal government runs. Government corporations perform functions that could be provided by private businesses.
Independent Executive Agency
an executive branch agency outside of the cabinet departments that oversees a single area.
The process of reducing, even removing, governmental control of industry.
A person who works for a department or agency of the federal government.
Civil Service
Name given to federal government employees who are hired and promoted based on merit.
A court order that demands or forbids a particular action
iron triangle
a mutually advantageous relationship among congressional committees, interest groups, and government agencies in an effort to influence legislation and policy.