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What was the intital strategy of the War of 1812
It was based on the 3-prong invasion which would attack lake champlain, Detroit and Niagara. It was led by semi-senile civil war officers and poorly trained soldiers. But, we wanted to fight so we could get rid of the indian base in Canada
This battle where_____ captured a Br. fleet on Lake Eerie after building a fleet of ship raised morale,along with Harrison's Battle of the Thames
Oliver Hazard Perry raised the morale with his victory
Thomas Macdonough betrayed British secrets to the Americans.

False: The British had been planning to strike NY since they had no way of transporting supplies over Lake Champlain. but, Thomas Macdonough, who commanded a weaker fleet, beat them.
Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner at the Battle of the Thames

False: Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner at Fort McHenry
What battle did Andrew Jackson lead that increased nationalism, ruined the economy since Br. put up a blockade, made us less dependent on Britain and bankrupted the treasury
The Battle at New Orleans in 1814 where Jackson defeated 8000 British men w/7000 Americans
Who proposed the Treaty of Ghent in 1814 and what did it do?
The treaty of Ghent was proposed by the tsar of Russia in 1814. It was an armistice where "not one inch of territory was ceded or lost."
The Rush-Bagot treaty increased the amount of money spent annually on internal improvements by 1 million
False: The Rush-Bagot Treaty restricted naval armament
who were the first two writers two gain international recognition while writing about American scenes/themes
Washington Irving and John James Fenimore Cooper.
What was the first tariff instituted for protection and not revenue
The tariff of 1816 it was 20-25% on dutiable products
The American system was created in 1824 by Henry Clay. the system consisted of what 3 main parts?
1) a strong banking system that would provide credit.
2)a protective tariff to help E. manufacturing.
3) internal improvements
who was president during the war of 1812
pres. from 1809-1817
James Madison
who was president after James Madison and elected for two terms
James Monroe
The Ohio Fever was what caused nine states from 1791-1819 to join the original 13. farmers, tobacco planters, and speculators wanted more land. Also, Jackson had practically cleared the land of indians.

The West was weak politcally/economically so they demanded what at a cheap price?
The west demanded land at a cheap price and got it with the Land Act of 1820 which allowed a person to buy 60 acres, at 1.25$ an acre
What compromise was set in 1820 that brought in 1 free/slave state and prohibited slavery at all states North of 36 30.
The Missouri Compromise
James Monroe was an unpopular president
false: he was a very popular president! This is evident from his reelection in spite of the panic of 1919 and the missouri problem
In the Case McCulloch v. Maryland a kid sues maryland for robbing him.
Maryland is taxing the bank so it can be destroyed however, John Marshall rules it as constitutional
What makes Cohens v. Virginia an interesting case
The Cohens are found guilty of illegally selling lottery tix so Vir. wins, technically. In reality, this case gave the Supreme court the power to review the decisions of state supreme courts.
Fletcher v. Peck is an example of greed and corruption
True: the georgia legislature, motivated by bribery, granted land to private speculators,and marshall said that the contract was protected by the constitution. This invalidated state laws that conflicted with the constitution
What happened in Dartmouth v. Woodward
New Hampshire wanted to revoke the contract given to Dartmouth by King George III in 1769. Marshall ruled that the orignial charter must stand since it was a contract. It created a precedent to allow chartered corportations to escape the law. It also safeguarded business enterprise form domination by the states govt.
Daniel Webster was pro nullification and states rights
False, he challenged states rights and nullification
what treaty put the Norhern boundary of the Louisiana purchase at the 49th parallel and provided for a 10 yr joint rule of Oregon territory
The Treaty of 1818
what was the Florida purchase treaty of 1819
Spain ceded Florida& Oregon in exchange for America's abandonment of Texas in 1819