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If a crewmemeber losews his passport a thourgh search must
be insttitued and the loss reported immediately to the local plice and nearest company representative
If a crew member losses his passport in the US
notify the chief pilot's office at one and apply for a new passport
Before beginning an international trip, include in your preparartions
a review of the international entry procedures published under the crew fef. tab
Exemption for flight crewmembers on imported items intednded for "personal or household use"
$200 not more than one liter of alchol, 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars
UPS flights that operate outside the contigous 48 states of the US are considered
international or "flag" ops.
Flag operation means any scheduled operation that meets one of the 3 criteria:
Between any point within the state of alaska or Hawaii

outside the US

Between any point outside the US and anouther point outside the US
International class II
An international flight with a segment or segments that lie outside the designated operational service volume of ICAO standard airway navigation facilities.

Greater than one hour between reliable ground based fixes
International Class II qualification remains current for
24 months from the date of the last Class II flight.

Captains exceeding 12 months frrom their last Class II flight must be observed by a Instructor or Check Airman over a route that requires the use of Class II nav. procedures
The following items will be carried as specified on all Int'l flights whcih require the use of long range nav equipment as a primary means of nav.

Aviation Computer

Dividers, not req. by recommended
Crewmembers should ensure that flight kits:
include Jepp. manuals for the route to be flown.