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What are Nocicpetors?
- Specialized Nerve Endings to Detect Pain fro Periphery
What is Nocicpetion?
- Term Used to Describe how Noxious Stimuli are Perceived as Pain
What is Transduction?
- Injured Tissue Releases Chemicals that Propagate Pain Message
- Action Potential Moves Along Afferent Fiber to Spinal Cord
What is Transmission?
- Pain Impulse Moves from Spinal Cord to Brain
What is Perception?
- Conscious Awareness of Painful Sensation
What is Modulation?
- Neurotransmitters Slow Pain Impulse
- Seratonin, Norepinephrine, Neurotensin
What is Neuropathic Pain?
- Pain that does NOT Adhere to Typical Phases.
- Pain is Perceived Long After Site of Injury Heals
- Neurons are Transferred into Hyperexcitable State
What is Visceral Pain?
- Pain From Large Interior Organ
What is Deep Somatic Pain?
- From Blood Vessels, Joints
Tendons, Muscles, and Bones
What is Cutaneous Pain?
- Derived from Skin Surface and Subcutaneous Tissue
What is Referred Pain?
- Pain that Originates in One Site But Felt in Another
What is Acute Pain?
- Short-Term, Self-Limiting Pain
- Follows Predictable Trajectory and Dissipates After Injury
- Kidney Stones
- Serves Self Protecting Purpose
- < 6 months
What is Chronic Pain?
- > 6 Months
- Caused by Tissue Necrosis
- Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lower Back Pain
What is the Best Choice in Assessing Pain of a Child?
- Wong-Baker FACES Scale
What is the Best Choice in Assessing Pain of an Infant?
- CRIES Pain Measurement Score
What is Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy?
- Neuropathic Pain
- Stimuli in One Area Causes Pain in Another