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A norm that forbids sexual intercourse among closely related individuals
Incest Taboo
A marriage based on romantic love
Companionate marriage
A family in which the central individual is a female and the multiple spouses are males
The breakup of marriage
A phenomenon characterized by idealization of a loved one, the notion of a one and only, love at first sight, love winning out over all, an indulgence of personal emotions
Romanice Love
a set of nuclear families linked by multiple marriage bonds, with one central individual married to several spouses
Polygamous family
The family in which is born and raised
Family of Orientation
A situation in which people are directed to marry within certain social groups
The family created by marriage
Family of procreation
The situation in which a person is allowed only one spouse at a time
A situation in which individuals are required to marry someone outside their culturally defined group
A situation in which a newly married couple may choose to live virtually anywhere
Neolocal Residence
Families where the female is the dominant figure in decision making
Matriarchal family
Tribe from New Guinea in which the father's role in parenthood was not recognized and responsibility for parenthood fell to the mother's brother's family
A requirement that a new couple settle down near or within the husband's father's household
Patrilocal Residence