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-the development of armed forces and their use as a tool of diplomacy.
Allies -
“Triple Entente” France, Great Britain and Russia.
Central Powers-
Germany, Austria-Hungry and the Ottoman Empire (Middle Eastern lands controlled by the Turks). Powers offered a measure of international security.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand-
Nephew of Emperor Franz Joseph - The Archduke was an Heir to the Austrian throne. He was assassinated by a member of the secret society called the Black Hand. Event created a diplomatic crisis. Black hand wanted to unite all Serbs, including those in Bosnia.
“No man’s Land
”- an area that is filled with shell craters and barbed wire.
Trench Warfare-
armies fought, many soldiers killed and little ground was gained.
A British u-boat. Germany sunk Lusitania off southern coast of Ireland. Boat carried ammunition and explosives. Americans were also killed.
Zimmerman Note
-- telegram sent by German foreign minister to the German ambassador in Mexico. Telegram was intercepted by the British. They were trying to create an alliance with Mexico in the event that America joined the war. Indicated that Germany would help Mexico gain back the lost lands of TX, New Mexico, and AZ.
Reasons for US to Enter War -
1. Assurance that the Allies repaid debt to US;
2. To prevent Germany from threatening US shipping.
Events that Slowed US Entrance into WWI
Events that Slowed-
1. Sympathy for the allies. Many Americans had immigrated from Europe. Sympathized with France and England.
2. Didn’t want to lose their sons to war.
Long-Term Causes for WWI
1) Nationalism- national interest and national unity should be placed ahead of global cooperation. Nation’s own self-interests should be most important.
2) Imperialism- Countries’ desire to gain control of colonies/lands.
3) Miliarism - the development of armed forces and their use as a tool of diplomacy.
4) Alliance System - Commitment of countries to support each other.
Peace without Victory -
Wilson’s effort to bring Germany and Great Britain on equal footing. Germany responded violently with unrestricted attacks on Great Britain, drawing US into the war.