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Over millions of years, fossil fuels were formed from __________________.
decayed plants and animals
Resources that cannot be easily replaced once they are used are called ___________________.
_____________ involves the splitting of an atom.
Uranium is often used in nuclear power plants because it _____________________.
consists of the easiest atoms to split
An advantage of using nuclear nuclear power plants for energy production is ______________________.
fossil fuels are conserved
Solar energy is produced by reactions that take place in the ______________.
Solar energy can be changed directly into electricity by a device called a solar _____________.
Which kind of energy works best during daylight hours and in regions near the equator?
Hydroelectric power plants depend on what energy source?
moving water
Why are hydroelectric power plants not built in many regions?
they require a lot of space
Whether or not a place is suitable for a tidal power plant depends on the ____________________________
difference between the heights of the tides
Give a step that helps produce electricity in a tidal power plant.
water spins the blades of a turbine
What is an advantage of using wind energy for electricity?
wind is a renewable resource
Which two kinds of energy come from similar sources?
fossil fuel and biomass
Which kind of energy comes from nuclear reactions?
An unheated building has large windows. When the sun is out, this building becomes warm even on a cold day. Which source of energy makes the building warm?
Partly decayed moss plants, called peat, can be burned as a heat source. What kind of fuel is peat?
A town conducts a survey to find out how many houses have solar power collectors. Two houses on Elm Street and six houses on Plaza Avenue have collectors. Three houses on Mill Street and eight houses on Berry Street also have collectors. Construct a bar graph showing the number of houses with solar power collectors by street.
Label the graph with the number of houses with collectors and the street names
Energy from the natural heat within the earth's crust is called __________________
geothermal energy