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Location: thymus Gland
Target: Thyroid
Function: Stimulate production of T cells for cellular immunity (growth in children)
Stimulates: indfection
Location: Pancreas
Target: Liver
Function: Increase blood glucose; mobilizes glycogen from livr; increase gluconegensis

Stimulates: hypoglycemia
Glocagons (Alpha)
Location: Local Hormones
Target: Many tissues
Function: Promotes inflammation, involves blood clotting, pain (vascontriction/vasodilation

Stimulates: Blood Loss
Location: Pineal
Target: Hypocampus
Function: Regulates sleep wake cycle
Stimulate: dark and light
Location: Sex glands"Follicle/Placenta

Target: Mammary gland, uterus

function: Matures ovum (gets it ready), Simulates blood vessels for endometrium/develops secondary sex charcteristic
Stimulates: FSH
Location: pancreas
Target: Muscle, fat, liver
Function: increase glucose; transport into cells, glucose for energy production, decrease blood glucose; decrease insulin causes "diabetes Mellitus
Stimulates: Hypergycemia
Insulin (Beta)
Location: Kidney
Target: Bone marrow
Function: increase red blood cells
Stimulates: Red Blood Cells
Location: Adrenal Medulla
Target: Muscles, liver
Function: Vasoconstriction in skin, ciscera and skeletal muscle to casodilation also epinenprine, dilates bronchioles/glycogen to glucose, increase use of fat for energy, increase rate of cell respiration
Stimulate: Sympathetic Nervous System
Location: Sex Gland
Target: Testes
Function: Mature Sperm, develops male sex characteristic
Stimultes: LH
Location: Sex Gland ( corpus luteum, placenta)
Target: uterus/mammary gland
Function: Maintain pregnancy, further growth for endometrium, rupture ovarian follice to the corpus leutem produces progetrone
Stimulates: LH
Location: Placenta
Function: Helps prepare breast for lactation causes changes in uterine lining and in pregnancy
Stimulates: Corpus Lutem
Human Choronic Gonadotropin
Location: Anterior Pituitary
Target: Adernal Cortex
Functin: Increase adrenal glucocorticoid porduction
Stimulate: CRH- CRF
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
Location Anterior Pituitary
Target: Follice, Corpus lutem
Function: Ovaluation/reasing egg; progesterone, production by CL (Men: secrte testorerone
Stimulate: GnRh
Luteinizing Hormones
Location: anterior Pituitary
Target: Thyroid
Function: Thyroxin production;
Stimulate: TRh
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
Location: Adrenal Cortex
Function: Increase reabsortpion of Na+ ions by kidney to blood
Excretion of K+ ions by kidney in urine
target: Kidney
Stimulates: increase Na+ level; Increase blood pressure
Location: Adrenal Cortex
Target: many tissue
function: increase use of fats and excess amino acid for energy. Decrease of glucose for energy Glucose to glycogen to the liver
Stimulates: ACTH during physiological stress
Location: Parathyroid
Target: Kidney, GI tract, bone
Function: increase in blood calcium, decrease bone deposition, decrease bone reabsorption, decrease in kidney reabsorption of Ca+ (blood to bone)
Stimulate: Hypocalcemia
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) (parathormone)
Location: Thyroid
Target: kidney, GI tract, bone
Function: decrease reabsortion of Ca+ and phosphate from bone to blood
Stimulate: Hypercalcemia (too much calicum)
Location: Thyroid
Target: many tissues
Function: increase energy production form all food types, rate of protein synthesis (rebuild and repair)
Stimulate: TSH
Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3)
Location: Posterier Pitiuitary
Target: mammary gland/uterus
Function: Contraction of the mammary gland and uterus
Stimulate: nerual Simulation/sucking/stretching cervix
Location: Posterior Pituitary
Target: Kidenys
Function: Water reabsorbs by kidney tubules (water returns to blood)
Stimulates: decreased water content in body
Antidiurectic Hormone (vasopression) ADH
Location: anterior Pituitary
Target: mammary gland
Function: Milk production
Stimulates: PRH
Prolactin (PRH)
Location: Anterior Pituitary
Function: Increase of Mitosis
amino acid trasport to the cells, increase rate of protein synthesis ust of fats for energy
Target: Many Tissues
Stimulates: GHRH
Growth Hormone or Somatiotropin GH
Location: Anterior Pituitary
Target: Follicle
Function: Follicle growth, Estrogen produces)(MEN: produces sperm)
Stimulate: GnRH
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)