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What are the elements of perjury?
1. oath or affirmation
2. a false statement
3. the statement must be material, and
4. the false statement must be given knowingly and with intent to deceive.
Subornation of perjury
the procurring of one person by another to commit the crime of perjury
False Swearing
False testimony is made reguarding non judicial matters
The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of anything of value with the intent to influence the recipient's action as a public official.
Who commits the crime of bribery; the giver of the bribe, or the reveiver?
What are the elements of Bribery?
1. offering, giving, recieving, or soliciting
2. a thing of value;
3. intent to influence he recipients action;
4. the recipient is a public official
Obstruct Justice
to interpose obstacles or impediments, or to hinder, impede, or in any manner interrupt or prevent the administration of justice.
What are the elements of common law escape?
1. the person must be in legal custody, and
2. departure from the area of confinement
What was a prison break at common law?
breaking out of a place of confinement by one who is lawfully imprisoned. (actual breaking or force was necessary)
The voluntary departure of a person without force, from the lawful custody of an officer or place they are lawfully confined.
If a prisoner is wrongfully held in custody, is his escape justified?
No. He is guilty of escape if he wrongfully freed himself.
What are the elements of resisting arrest?
1. lawful arrest
2. resistacne of that lawful duty
Name some other offenses against public justice and administration.
-failure to aid a law enforcement officer
-false reports to law enforcement authorities
-tampering with witnesses
-tampering with evidence