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conspicuous (adj) ken-spik'yoo-es
easy to notice, attracting attention

The biggest teddy bear made it conspicuous among the lillte dolls.
pathetic (Adj) pe-thet'ik
pitiful, arousing pity

The gurl with a broken leg made a pathetic attempt to walk.
anarchy (noun) an'er-ke
political confusion, disorder, lack of government

Vietnam is a country of anarchy.
empathy (noun) em'pe-the
understanding of or identification with another person's feeling.

I empathied for my friend who just has lost her grandfather.
biopsy (noun) bi'op'se
the study of living tissue to diagnose disease

Doctors practiced a biopsy of the brain of animals before trying on human.
expedite (verb) ek'spi-dit
to speed up, to accomplish quickly

I like to travel by airplane more than car because airplane is expedited.
benefactor (noun) ben'e-fak'ter
a person who gives financial or other aid, a donor

Uncle Ho is the benefactor who donated a lot of money to build school for the kids.
pathology (noun) pa-thoi'e-je
the study of disease

Doctor operated the heart of dead people to study the pathology of heart disease.
malpractice (noun) mal-prak'tis
failure of a professional to give a proper service

The family of the victim acussed the police because he shot her instead of the thief.
impede (verb) im-ped'
to hinder, to block

The big dog laid in the middle of the door way impeded the lillte girl.
introspection (noun) in'tre-spek'shen
self-examination of one's thought or feelings

My introspection help me understand my own feeling.
pedigree (noun)ped'i-gre'
ancestry, certificate of ancestry.

The pedigree of my family came from Chinese ancestry.
malevolent (adj) me-lev'e-lent
ill-willed, evil. filled with hate

Jewish killed by malevolent Hitler.
auditory (adjective) o^'di-to'e
referring to hearing

I protect my ears really well in the winter because it is the part of the body's auditory system.
auspicious (adj) o-spish'es
favorable, promising sucess

The perfect score of my exist test is an auspicious sign for me to pass the course.
Audit (noun, verb) o^' dit
examination of financial accounts by an outside agency
to axamination account
to attend a class without receiving credit.

I audited Japanese class because I have an hour open.
beneficial (adj) ben'e-fish'el
helpful, producing benefits

Eat fresh fruits is beneficial for health.
inaudible (adj) in-o'de-bel
not able to hear

My old aunt got an accident because she is inaudible to the horn when she crossed over the street.
symbiotic (adj) sim'be-ot'ik
living interdependently, referring to a relationship where two orhanisms live in dependent state

The symbiotic relationshio between old couple was so strong that when the husband died, the other soon followed.
apathy (noun) ap'e-the
lack of emotion, feeling or interest

The girls' apathy turned to optimistic when they fell in love.
anonymous (adJ) e-non'e-mes
not revealing one's name, of unknown indentify

I received an anonymous present on my birthday.
biodegradable (adj) bi'o-di-gra'de-bal
capable of being chemically broken down by natural biologial processed

benign (adj) bi-nin'
kind, gentle
not containing cancer cell.

My sister has a benign face.
malady (noun) mal'e-de
disease, bad condition

The malady of drugs spread throughout the country