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When was the antebellum period? What is a cash crop?
The antebellum period is the time before the Civil War. A cash crop is a crop that is grown for money.
How did slaves keep their culture?
They played spiritual music with the banjo and drums that eventually developed into the Blues, Ragtime, Jazz,
and Gospel music.
They used herbal remedies instead of white medicine.
They had two names:one African, one English.
They told folk stories:Brer Rabbit.
What was the plantation mistress in charge of?
-she organized food
-took care of spiritual(taught Christianity)/physical well-being of slaves
-she was in charge when her husband left
-saw that slaves had:food, shelter, clothes, & medical attention
-took care of her own family
What did the plantation owner do?
The plantation owner hired an overseer to oversee the field slaves. The owner branded or whipped slaves and had the power to grant permission for the slaves to marry. He had almost total power.
How did slaves resist to work?
-they pretended to be sick
-worked slowly
-purposely broke tools
-ran away
-poisoned their master's food
What was the most successful slave rebellion?
The Nat Turner's revolt was the most successful and the Southerners became more afraid of slaves. The owners rarely freed slaves.
What are yeoman farmers and artisans?
Yeoman farmers are farmers that are owners of small farms.
Artisans are workers trained in skilled trades,cabinet making, printing...
Why were African Americans forbidden to go to school? Which group of people believed that education was important?
African Americans were forbidden to go to school because whites thought that they would rebel. Education was only important to rich white children.
How were free blacks restricted?
-couldn't vote
-houses could be searched anytime
-in public area they had to sit in a separate area
-wear tags
-couldn't travel
What does cultural heritage mean?
It includes a person's customs, language, belief, and art.
What were the arguments defending slavery?
-people said that the Bible recognized the existence of slaves
-Southerners believed that by converting the slaves into Christians, it would save their souls
-blacks were inferior to whites
-Northern textile workers were not much better off then slaves
Who invented the cotton gin? What is a cotton gin? What happened as a result of the invention of the cotton gin?
Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. Eli Whitney was so interested in making the cotton gin because textile factories in the North changed cotton into cloth easier. A cotton gin is a device that separates the seeds from the fibers of cotton. As a result of the invention of the cotton gin, cotton became a major industry in the South.