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Name this hand tool and one task you could do with it.
Whisk - can be used for beating egg whites or light batters.
What is this tool and what is it used for?
Bench Scraper - This hand held rectanglar tool has a stainless steel blade and a sturdy handle; it can be used to scrape surfaces and cut dough into equal pieces
Name this this cone-shaped hand tool?
A Chinois or China Cap used for straining sauces and stocks. A pestle, or a round batlike instrument, can be used to press very soft food through the China cap.
Used for rapidly draining water from cooked foods and also useful for rinsing food items, this hand tool is called
Used for draining pasta noodles.
Name this hand tool and describe what it is used for
A Food Mill - used to puree and strain food. We'll use it when we make mashed potatoes and tomato sauce
This hand tool has different-sized toothlike points that are made of aluminum or steel.
A Meat Tenderizer - the points tenderize meat by breaking up and bruising the fibers.
Name this tool and describe what it is used for.
A melon baller - used to scoop out smooth balls from many foods, such as cheese, butter and melons.
This tool is used to lift and turn foods and the stainless steel blade is bent to keep the user's hand off hot surfaces
Offset spatula, also called a turner.
Can be used to lift and turn foods so they can cook on both sides.
Great for scraping the inside of bowls and pans
A rubber spatula - also used to fold in whipped cream or egg whites.
Name this tool and describe how it is used
SKIMMER - has a flat, perforated surface for removing food from stocks and soups; can also be used to skim impurities from the tops of liquids
This tool is spring action or scissor-type - name this tool and what it's used for.
Tongs! used to pick up items such as meats, vegetables, or ice cubes.
Also known as a "palette knife" this hand tool has a long, flexible blade with a rounded end.
Straight Spatula! useful for scraping bowls and spreading icing on cakes
Great for spreading icing on cakes
Used to remove tiny strips from the outer surface of citrus peels.
Zester - can also be used on vegetables such as carrots and radishes to add shavings to salads.
This tool works best on fresh, firm fruits and vegetables.