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A conflict in which England and France battled for land on French soil on off from 1337 to 1453. Unltimately won by the French.
The Hundred Years War
Which weapon was introduced during the Hundred Years War?
An assemply of representatives from all three of the estates, or social classes in France
Estates General
A deadly disease that spread across Asia and Europe in the mid-14h century; killing millions of people.
Bubonic Plague

Black Death
A body of officials who perform religious services (priests, rabbis, bishops)
The expansion of trade and business that transformed Europe during the 16th & 17th centuries.
Commercial Revolution
A monarchy in which the ruler's power is limited by law.
Constitutional Monarchy
Limited Monarchy
A series of expeditions in which medieval christian warriors attempted to regain the Holy Land of Jerusalem from the Muslim Turks
The Crusades
The spreading of ideas or products from one culture to another.
a formal agreement between the pope and the government that gave the clergy the right to present a bishop into office and a king the right to present the fief
Concordat of Worms
A Roman Catholic tribunal for investigating and prosecuting charges of heresy--especially the one active in spain during the 1400's by Ferdinand & Isabella
The appointment of religious officials by kings or nobles
Lay Investiture
A document that gave rights to nobles and stated that the king would be subject to the law. Great Charter.
Magna Carta
The effort by Christian leaders to drive the Muslims out of Spain.
The primary feature of this style of architecture is the flying buttress; a stone support which allows for higher standing walls and windows.
Gothic Architecture