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What are the three types of anthrax?
Inhalation, cutaneous, gastrointestinal
What type accounts for 95% of all anthrax infections?
What organsim has been dubbed the "poor man's atomic bomb"?
Explain the mechanism of tetanus
Tetnus: toxin unites with amino acid glycine and other neurotransmitters in inhibit muscle relaxation by blocking the release of the relaxation neurotransmitter
what toxin is produced from Tetnus
Since 1998, all military personal have been immunied against which soilborne disease?
What type of plague is endemic in the rodent population of the Southwestern United States?
What are the two common tick vectors that transmit Lyme disease?
What is the more common name of erythema chronicum migrans?
Bulls eyes rash
Why was the Lyme disease vaccine removed from the commerical market?
Lymerrix people came down with the disease
When and where was the largest outbreak of leptospirosis in the US?
Lake springfield, Illonis
Rocky mountain spotted fever; transmitted by ticks; Weil-Felix test
Rickettsia rickettsii
Anthrax; "woolsorters' disease'; organs fill with bloody black fluid; bioterrorism
Tularemia; "rabbit fever";bipolar staining
Francisella typhi
Tetanus; lockjaw; trusmus; second most powerful toxin
Gas gangrene
Bubonic plague; bipolar staining; rat flear vector; Black death
yersinia pestis
Epideic typhus; typhus fever; human body louse vector
Rickettsia provectia
Firest descibed in humans in 1986; affects neutrophils in the body; HME;HGE; transmitted by ticks
Endemic typhus; rat flea vector; tabardillo; murine typhus
Recetisa typi
Most commonly reported tickborne disease in the US
borrelia burgdoferi
Maculopapular rash that beings on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet
Rickettsia rekesi
What organism is the most common cause of urinary tract infectionsin females?
What organism is the most common cause of urinary tract infections in males?
Proteus mirabilis
What symptoms characterize each of the three stages of syphilis?
primary: chancre, ulcer
secondary: fever & flu like illness, swollen lymph nodes, skin rash,