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What is the difference between distress and eustress?
Eustress is positive stress, while distress is negative stress. Too much stress at once, extended negative stress, or stresses that combine to throw the body out of balance all produce distress.
What are the three key personality traits of those who do not become ill under stress?
Commitment, control and challenge
What are the three stages of the general adaptation syndrome, and what happens in each stage?
# alarm (physical changes as the body prepares for conflict)
# resistance (intensified physical reaction as body adapts and returns to normal)
# exhaustion (in chronic stress, higher level of alarm; when the body’s energy is depleted, disease or death results)
How is the stomach affected by stress?
It slows down and fills with gastric acid. The lining becomes fragile and filled with blood.
What causes a tension headache?
Tension headaches occur when there is chronic tension in the head and neck, which result from stress.
What two things constitute effective stress management?
Controlling reactions and thought processes--our perceptions of what happens to us--and properly utilizing stress management techniques.
What are seven different ways that you can lower stress in your life?
1. Eat a balanced diet
2. Exercise regularly
3. Get enough sleep
4. Manage your time more efficiently
5. Laugh often
6. Think positively
7. Implement a relaxation technique in your life
Which is the best breathing technique, thoracic breathing or diaphragmatic breathing?
Diaphragmatic breathing is the best because it prevents hyperventilation, anxiety and shortness of breath.
What do you need to begin meditation?
A comfortable resting position in an environment with little distraction.
How does the internally controlled person view life?
The internally controlled person takes control of and responsibility for his or her own feelings and reactions. He or she takes life on, dictates direction, and refuses to be easily derailed by outside forces and problems.
Where can you practice muscle relaxation techniques?
Anywhere you have a place to rest without many distractions.
Which of the senses should you not include to practice visualization?
None. You should include all senses to visualize.
List some specific aspects of music that should be avoided.
You should avoid deep or harsh beats, a fast tempo and a loud volume because these aspects prevent relaxation. Don’t forget that you can (and should) listen to your own music preferences.