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Constitution provided the pres. might need written opinions from heads of the exec. branch departments
it proved to be too cumbersone and involved so much homework.
washington created a cabinet of 3 departments serving:
secretary of state - thomas jefferson
secretary of the treasury - alexnader hamilton
secretary of war - henry knox
Antifederalists thoughts on newly ratified constitution
they felt it had failed to provide the guarantees to individual rights like freedom of religion and trial by jury
Who was leading figure in congress and tried to draft amendments, leading them through?
James Madison
9th amendment
put in place to keep other rights from being ignored as law
10th amendment
put in place to give states right to delegate or prohibit anything not dealt with in the constitution
First congress created federal courts effective under the Judiciary Act
It organized the Supreme Court with a chief justice and 5 associates, as well as federal district and circuit courts.
It established the office of attorny general
John Jay one of the Republic's first chief justices.
Alexander Hamilton ideas on financial policy
he planned to change financial policies to favor wealthy, assuming they'd offer the government monetary and political support.
Alexander Hamilton's priority #1
he wanted to support the national credit and wanted the Federal gov't to pay off its debts @ face value.
Virginia's idea on assumption
Virginia didn't want it, but it wanted the new federal district on the Potomac River.
Where was the money to come from to pay interest on this huge debt & run the gov't?
Custom duties from tariffs.
Tariff law imposed a low tariff of 8% on the value of imports.
The tariffs gave more protection to the upcoming industrial revolution.