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Force per unit
SI unit for pressure
Standard Atmospheric pressure
dinfined as 760 torr
a unit of pressure equal to 760 Torr
a unit of pressure
Boyle's Law
A law stating that at constant temperature the product of the volume and pressure of a given amount
Charle's Law
a law stating that a constant pressure, the volume of a given quanity of gas is proportional to absolute temperature
Avogadro's Hypothesis
a statement that equal volumes of gases at the samideal gas e temparture and pressure contain equal number of molecules
Avogadro's Law
a statement that the volume of a gas maintained at a constant temperature is directy proportional to the the number of moles of the gas
ideal-gas equation
Ideal Gas
a hypothetical gas whose pressure, volume, and temperature behavior is completely described by the ideal gas equation
Gas constant
the constant in PV=nRT (R)
Standard Temperature and pressure
defined as 0 degrees C and at 1 atm frequently used as a refernce for gases
partial pressure
pressure exerted by a particular gas in a mixture
Dalton's law of partial Pressure
a law stating that the total pressure by a of a mixture of gases is the sum of the pressure that each gas would exert if it were present alone
mole fraction
ratio of moles of one componet of a mixture to the total moles of all componets
kinetic-molecular theory
a saet of assumptions about the nature of gases. These assumptions, when translatedinto mathmatical form, yeild the ideal-gas equation
root--mean-square (rms) speed
the square root of the average of the squared speeds of the gase molcules in a gase sample
the escape of gas through an orfice or hole
Graham's law
a law stating that the rate of effusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of it's molecular weight
the spreading of one substances through a space occupied by one or more other substances
mean free path
the average distance traveled by a gas molecule between collisions
van der Waals equation
an equation of state for nonideal gases that is based on adding corrections to the ideal-gas equation the correction terms account for intermolcular forces of attraction and for the volume occupied by the gas molecules themselves