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Evidence that an individual has mastered competencies in a particular area
Removing blood to the point at which life can not be sustained
Disorder involving the over production of red blood cells
The process of removing blood from a vein
Involves the concept and use of space
Refers to highly complex or specialized medical care
Tertiary Care
Federal and state program that provides medical care to the poor
Verbal and non-verbal messages do not match
Kinesic Slip
Involves non-verbal communication or body language
Basis or filters on healthcare needs
An entitlement program that provides healthcare to people age 65 and older
Turnaround time from when a test is ordered until results are reported
Proof of continuing education
International coding system that groups similar diseases and operation together
The term "phlebotomy" is derived from Greek words that literally translate to mean...
Cut a vein
Which ancient blood-letting instrument has a counterpart in a modern day bleeding device?
Phlebotomy is used as a therapeutic treatment of...
What is a document or permit granted by the state indicating that permission for a person to perform a certain service after having met the education and experience requirements and successfullyy completing an examination?
The primary duty of a phlebotomist is to...
Collect blood specimens
This is not the duty of a phlebotomist...
Start intravenous line (IV's)
What is the name of an agency that certifies phlebotomist?
ASCP (merican Society for Clinical Laboratory Pathology)
Promoting good public relations is a part of the phlebomist role because...
A phlebotomist is a representative of the laboratory, good public relations promotes a harmoniour relationship with visitors, staff and patiens and patients often equate blood drawing experiences with the caliber of the overall care received while in the hospital.
This is not a reason for a phlebotomist to participate in continuing education programs...
to follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mandates
What are the credentials of an NCA certified phlebotomist?
What organization has the certification initials PBT?
Proof of participation in a workshop to upgrade skills required by some agencies to renew certification is called...
Continuing education units (CEU's)
"Primum non nocere" from the hippocrartic oath means...
First do not harm
The principles of right and worng conduct as they apply to prefessional problems are called...
This is not an example of good work ethic...
This is not listed in the American Hospital Associations (AHA) Patient's Bill of Rights...
The right to know the medical status of other patients
This is an example of a barrier to effective communication with a patient. The patient...
Does not speak English, is a child, or is emotionally upset
This is an example of negative kinesics...
This is an example of proxemics...
Zone of comfort
Proxemics is the study of an individual's...
Concept of space
A federal program that provides medical care for the elderly is...
Personal "zone of comfort" is a radius of...
1.5 - 4 feet
This is not part of a professional image...
wearing strong perfume or cologne.
What is the average speaking rate of a normal adult?
125 - 150 words per minute
This is not a recognized element of good communication in the healthcare setting...
This is an example of a confirming response to a patient...
"Mr. Smith, wasn't there a problem getting the site to stop bleeding?"
The best way to handle a "difficult" or "bad" patient is to...
Help the patient feel in control of the situation
This is a way to make a patient feel in control of a situation...
Agreeing with the patient that it is his or her right to refuse to have a blood specimen drawn
These are good examples of way's to earn a patient's trust...
Act knowledgeably, convey sincerity, and honesty
This is not a good example of proper telephone protocol...
Hanging up on angry callers
Another term for outpatient care is...
Ambulatory care
An appendectomy performed in a free standing ambulatory surgical center is an example of...
Secondary care
The term used to describe sophisticated and highly complex medical care is...
Tertiary care
This is an example of an inpatient care facility...
This is not an duty performed by the local health agencies...
Licensure of healthcare personnel
An institution that provides inpatient services is a...
State and federally funded insurance is called...
A federal program that provides medical care for the indigent is...
Prepaid group healthcare organization in whish members pay flat fees for defined services are called?
This is not a primary objectives of managed care...
Provide healthcare to enrollees
The phlebotomist is asked to collect a specimen from a patient in the nephrology department. A patient in this department is most likely being treated for a disorder of the...
The phlebotomist supervisor asked a phlebotomist to collect a specimen in the otorhinolaryngology department. The phlebotomist proceeded to the department that provides treatment for...
Ear, nose and throat disorders
Diagnosis and treatment of diseases characterized by joint inflammation is part of which medical specialty?
Which medical specialty treats patients with tumors?
The medical specialty that treats skeletal system disorders is...
The specialty of this physician is the treatment of children...
A patient in labor would normally be admitted to which of the following medical specialty departments?
What is a diagnosis test for monitoring heart patients?
Brain wave mapping and evoked potential are performed by which department?
Which laboratory department performs tests to identify abnormalities of the blood and blood forming tissue?
What department is responsible for administering a patient's oxygen therapy?
Respiratory therapy
With which other hospital department would the laboratory coordinate therapeutic drug monitoring?
Which of the following is a hematology test...
C & S
Which medical specialty treats patients with blood disorders?
Which department performs radiographic procedures and other imaging techniques to aid in diagnosis?
This hospital department provides therapy to restore patient mobility.
Physical therapy
This test is performed in the coagulation department...
Prothrombim time (PT)
Toxicology is often part of which department?
Which department would perform a hemogram?
This is not a hematology test...
Glycoslated hemoglobin
A sample of fibrin degradation products (FDP) testing would be sent to whish department?
Which department would perform an erythrocyte sedimentation rate?
Which department performs cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tests?
Chemistry, hematology, microbiology
A basic metabolic panel (BMP) is performed in which department?
Which department performs carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) testing?
Electrolyte testing includes...
Sodium and potassium
Which department performs chemical screening test on urine specimens?
A glucose test would be performed in which department?
This department may examine specimens microscopically of the presence of crystals, casts. bacteria and blood cells/
Which of the following would most likely be performed in the serology department?
Rapid plasma reagin (RPR)
Which test performed in immunology detects streptococcus?
A specimen for ova and parasite testing would be sent to...
What department would perform blood cultures?
The process of identifying an organism and determining the appropriate antibiotic for treatment is called...
Culture and sensitivity
C & S test on a patient specimen are performed in which departmen?
Which department processes and stains tissue samples for microscopic analysis?
Blood testing and compatibility testing are performed in which department?
Blood bank
Another name for the blood bank?
This test would be performed in a surgical pathology (histology)?
Frozen sections
A pap smear is examined for the presence of cancer cells in this department.
Which laboratory department performs chromosome studies?
A large independent laboratory not located in a hospital is called...
Reference laboratories
A physician who is a specialist in diagnosing diseases from laboratory findings in a...
A personnel that is not required to have a college degree or equivalent...
This laboratory personnel has the same qualifications as a medical technologist (MT)...
Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)
Which laboratory worker has a bachelor's degree or equivalent in medical technology?
Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)