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What is psychology?
"The systematic study of behavior and experience"
The answer contains at least two components
What does good research progress depend on?
"Good measurement"
You can't know how much you've improved, if you haven't been measuring your progress!
Correlation does not indicate __________.
"correlation" indicates SOME relationhip, but not necessarily that Thing One is dependent on Thing Two
Q. Name two things that affect individual variation.
A. Heredity and environment
This is another way of saying "Nature vs nurture"
What is the best predictor of future behavior?
Past behavior in similar situations
Organisms are fairly assistent in how they act...
You should evaluate opinions in psychology based on
Strength of evidence
Define determinism.
The assumption that any event has a cause in the observable world.
Q. Define free will (as it applies to the philosophical debate in psychology)
A. The belief that behavior is caused by a person's independent decisions.
The view that the mind is separate from the brain, but controls the brain and body
One of two philosophical views of the mind-brain problem.
The view that conscious experience is inseparable from the physical brain
One of two philosophical views of the mind-brain problem.