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What are the three important requirements in the construction of indoor climate systems?
*comfortable conditions *superior indoor air quality *equipment and systems that conserve the valuable supply of energy.
Define temperature?
the relative hotness or coldness of something.
Describe the two types of scales for measuring temperature?
*fahrenheit *celsius
give the formula for converting degrees fahrenheit to degrees celsius, and degrees celsius to degrees fahrenheit?
*degrees celsius 5 5/9 3 (degrees fahrenheit 2 32!) *degrees fahrenheit 5 a9/5 3 (degrees celsius 1 32!)
Give two definitions for the british thermal unit(btu),one for fahrenheit temperatures,and one for celsius temperatures.
*thhe amount of heat required to raise the temp. of 1 lb. of water 1 degree fahrenheit *the amount of heat required to raise the temp. of 1 kg. or 1000 g. of water 1 degree celsius
Give the formulas for calculating sensible and latent heat?
* q=quanity of heat,btu w=weight,lb. sh=specific heat,btu/lb./degree fahrenheit td=temp. difference or change,degree fahrenheit (q=w.l)
define specific heat in terms of british units?
the amount of heat required to raise the temp. of 1 lb. of a substance 1 degree fahrenheit
name the 3 ways to transfer heat?
*convection *radiation *evaporation
what is the difference between absolute and relative humidity?
absolute humidity is the weight of water vapor per unit of volume,and relative humidity is the weight of water vapor 1 lb. of dry air compared with the max. amount of water vapor 1 lb. of air can hold at a given temp.,expressed as a percent
define energy?
the ability to do work
what is meant by a change of state?
latent heat
give the specific heats of ice,water,and steam?
*ice-0.50 *water-1.00 *steam-0.48
define comfort?
the absence of disturbing or distressing conditions
how can the body be compared to a heat engine?
*consumes fuel *performs work *dissipates heat
what is the normal body temperature?
97-100 degrees fahrenheit
what are the conditions for body comfort from the standpoint of heat loss?
if the body loses heat too fast,a person has the sensation of being cold. If the body loses heat too slow,a person has the sensation of being too warm
how does the body transfer heat?
excess energy that is not used to produce work or to perform essential body functions is expelled to the atmosphere.
how does the temperature of exposed room surfaces affect comfort?
air temp. and surface temp. should be the same for maximum degree of comfort
how much heat is required to evaporate 1 lb. of water?
970 btu
how does the activity of a person affect the amount of heat dissipated?
the greater the activity,the more heat produced by the body that must be dissipated to the atmosphere
what is a sling psychrometer? how is it used to measure relative humidity?
a device used to determine relative humidity. It measures the amount of moisture in the air.