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False Consensus Effect
We believe other are like ourselves. Bias to our own behaviors for example, when we make predictions about others.
One of the different ideas about child development – Human Behavior Conclusions – what seems reasonable in your experience – own opinion Birth order-first is better then the last
One of the different ideas about child development – Human Behavior Experts i.e. Dr. Phil, has knowledge over a particular area
3)Scientific Approach -
One of the different ideas about child development – Human Behavior Test – research – make sure it is true
1)Description of behavior
– one of goals of science – talk about or describe what happened – i.e. relational aggression – say that they will stop seeing them if they do something roomers-lies girls more then boys
– one of goals of science how can we tell it will happen –i.e. relational aggression – how can it happen? – would we see it in rejected children, no punishment at home
3)Determine Causes
– one of goals of science – difficult to determine – things are related – i.e. relational aggression – bad parenting
– one of goals of science – learn the behavior what is the underline process aggressive parents so aggressive child
Basic Research
Focus on answering questions about nature of behavior for theoretic issues practical implications are not obvious – i.e. why research how they interact with brothers and sisters vs with friends
Applied Research
An immediate and practical implication to the study i.e. studying the effects of Head Start programs
A statement or specific idea to be tested. Most often it makes a statement about the relationship between two variables or about what will happen under a particular condition
i.e. 1)Teenage girls who are in love will be happier than teenage girls who are not in love. Measure – happiness and love – two variables 2)Parents who participate in Lamaze will have easier labor and delivers than parents who do not participate in Lamaze. – Under condition – measure easier or difficulty of labor – Lamaze what makes labor easier or difficult. 3) Wearing school uniforms is related to students academic achievement measure positive or negative
An organized set of ideas that describe or explain how things work, guide what we choose to study, and help us generate new ideas. i.e. if they are attached or not attached to their mothers depends on if they are attached to friends.
Guide our actions in our daily life – why I am late? Lie or true depends what you believe
1) Beneficence
We should use our knowledge in such a way that we benefit others and promote human welfare – participants – society benefits have to out way the cost
2) Nonmaleficience
We should avoid causing harm to another person – physical harm & Psychological harm Milgram study
3) Autonomy
We must remember that individual has the freedom to choose his or her own course of action.
Informed Consent
Voluntary Participation: Explanation of purpose, description of possible harm, description of potential benefits
Informed Assent
Voluntary Participation: when the parent is told about the study and gives consent.
4) Fidelity
We must be faithful, keep promises, and avoid deception in order to build trusting relationships between researcher and participants
– Tell them as mush as you can – some things can not say everything at first – they need to be told as soon as the test is over. – debriefing
– not going to be honest with you if not protecting their identity – people can see their number their name is locked up
We must treat others equally and fairly. We must recognize and promote the worth and dignity of each person i.e. Tuskegee