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John Smith
established first permanent English settlement.
Leader of Virginia Colony from 1608 to 1609
he caused men and women to emigrate to the new world.
located in Virginia. It was the first permanent English settlement established on May 1604.
Joint Stock Company
A type of business entity. used in the establishment of Jamestown.
Indentured servant
a laborer or tradesman under contract to an employed for a fixed time. Man immigrants arrived in the colonies as indentured servants. Did most of the work for the early colonies.
A grouping of protestants in the 16th and 7th century. they made new towns in the colonies and made government more religiously strict.
John Winthrop
Founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. he led a group of puritans there in 1630. Governor from 1639 to 1648
King Philips war
an armed conflict between Native American inhabitants and southern new englanders. Took place between 1675-1676
The Headright system
legal grant of land to settlers. used to expand the colonies.
The Calverts
First people in Maryland also founded Maryland in 1643
Bacon's rebellion
An uprising in 1676 in the Virinia Colonies. Due mainly to Native American raids.
William Penn
An English real estate entrepreneur. known for good relations with the Lenape Indians. wanted colonies to be united.
Quakers established colony in lower Delaware in 1661.
a form of economic nationalism. Caused many wars in Europe. Started in the 1500's
Navigation acts
a series of laws which restricted the use of foreign shipping between england and its colonies in 1707.
Anne Hutchinson
A pioneer settler in Massachusetts, Rhode Island. Also an unauthorized minister of a dissident church. born in 1591 and dying in 1643
John Coode's rebellion
A rebellion which overthrew Maryland's colonial government in 1689.