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behavior, thoughts, motives that characterize individuals
characteristic of an individual
theory of personality and a method of psychotherapy developed by Sigmund Freud. Emphasized the uncouncious
psychodynamic theories
theories that explain behavior and personality in terms of uncounscious dynamics within the individual
the part of personality containing inherited psychic energy, particularly sexual and aggressive instincts
sex drive
the part of personality that represents, REASOn , good sense and self control
represents councious morality and social standards
defense mechanisms
methods used by the ego to prevent uncouncious anxiety form entering the counciousness; 6 common ones
blocking an old bad memory
a persons own's feeling are projected unto someone else
taking out feelings on someone that didn't cause them
Reaction formation
taking a negative feeling and converting it to a positive one
occurs when a feeling/habit comes back due to stress/anxiety
occurs when someone refuses to admit something unpleasant
psychosexual stages
oral, anal, phallic (oedipal), latency, genital
oedipus complex
a child desires parent of opposite sex and viewing same sex as rival
Clara Thompson & Karen Horny
disputed penis envy, said men had womb envy
Carl Jung
"Jungian Theory" all human beings share a collective uncouncios, containing archetypes
are universal memories, symbols, images (pics), themes
reflect prehistoric fear of wild animals and represents EVIL side of human nature
anima and animus
anima: feminime archetype in men
animus: masculine archetype in women

feminine/masculine characteristics
object relation school
a psychodynamic approach that emphesizes the infants first two years of life especially with mother
mental representation
representations of the mind
illusion of causality
A does not necessarily cause B
objective test
standardized questionnaires requiring written responses
Gordon Allport
most of us have between 5 to 10 personality traits
central traits
a characteristic way of behaving, dealing, and reacting to new situations
secondary traits
changeable aspects of personality
Raymund B Catell
developed factor analysis
factor analysis
a method for analysing the inter correlations among various measures of test scores
The big 5 personality traits
1. extraversion vs. intraversion
2. neurasism vs. emotional stability
3. agreeableness vs. antagonism
4. conscientiousness vs. impulsiveness
5. openess vs. resistance
functional units of heredity composed of DNA
disposition to respond to the enviroment in certain ways
how much of a trait is attributable to genetics
behavioral genetics
field of study concerned with genetic diferences between behavior and personality
social cognitive learning theory
view of personality which holds personality traits resulting from a person's learning history and his or her expectations beliefs, perceptions of events, and other cognitions
reciprocal determinism
a two way interaction between aspects of the enviroment and aspects of the individual in the shaping of personality traits
nonshared enviroment
unique aspects of a person's enviroment and experience that are not shared with family members
values, beliefs and attitudes shared by a society
culture of honor
trivial insults that degrade a man's honor causing him to retaliate to regain honor
Abraham Moslow
Humanist dude. Self-actualization.
the person who strives for HAPPINESS. A life that is challenging, meaninful and satisfaying
Carl Rogers
Humanist whore. Fully functional individual. Fully fuctional people experience harmony.
harmony. Warm, trusting, openess "Unconditional positive regard"
unconditional positive regard
Roger's deal. unconditional love.
Rollo May
Free will and freedom of choice. White MLK.
a philosophic approach that emphasized the inevitable dilemmas and chanlenges of human existense