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The Spanish intended to transform the islands of the Caribbean into ____or lands that are controlled another nation.
explorer that claimed that the newly discovered land was not part of Asia but a "new" world. Named the continent america
Amerigo Vespucci
Spanish exoplorer who marched through Panama to become the 1st European to gaze upon what?
Vasco Nunez Balboa
Pacific Ocean
Magellan and his crew were the first to do what?
Circle the globe
who were the 1st european settlers in the Americas?
the Spanish
what are conquistadors?
a group of Spanish Adventurers who came to America in search of gold and wealth.
Which explorer and his 600 men reached Tenochtitlan
Hernando Cortes
What Aztec emporer was convinced that Cortes was an armor-clad god?
Montezuma II
Who conquered the Aztecs?
Cortes and his men
How did the Spanish have an advantage over the Aztecs?
-weaponry (Aztec arrows vs. Spanish muskets/cannons)
-made allies w/tribes malinche) convinced natives to fight on his side
-Disease (measles, mumps, smallpox)
Conquistador that conquered the INCA empire?
Francisco Pizarro
Inca ruler that was kidnapped by the Spaniards?
offered to fill a room once w/gold and twice w/silver for his release
The Inca Capital that Pizarro captured
The Spanish were not responsible for ending this great Empire
Born on Iberian Peninsula
Marriage between Spanish settlers and native women.
-mixed population
A system where Spanish forced N.A. to labor. Natives farmed, ranched, or mined for Spanish landlords
Who uilt giant sugar plantations
Spanish explorer: wandered through Florida and claimed it for Spain
Juan Ponce de Leon
Who led settlers to a tributary on the upper Rio Grande?
*governor of Spain's northern holdings-New Mexico-
Pedro de Peralta
Santa Fe Means?
Holy Faith
who was the Pueblo ruler that led a revolt against the Spanish? *ran them out of New Mexico*
What did Ferdinand Magellans voyage show?
Ships could reach Asia by the Pacific Ocean
Discovered the New York Harbor
Giovanni da Verrazzano
Reached a gulf off the eastern coast of Canada that led to a broad river.

*who was it and what was the river called?*
Jacques Cartier
St. Lawrence
Cartier Named the island Mont Royal which became known as
Samuel de Champlain: claimed what region
Quebec-New France
Who claimewd the entire river valley for France and named it Louisiana in honor of the French King - Louis XIV?
Sieur de La Salle
France's main economic activity?
Made hats out of ____
Fur Trade
beaver skin
This group founded Plymouth, in Massachusettes. Sought religious freedom