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The time period of the change after the Civil War was the
What was the name of the South Carolinian that was president during the early part of the rebuilding?
Andrew Johnson
After the war SC had to make some decisions. They had to decide what the ____________ would be like and if black citizines could______________ or be ____________________.
1. government
2. vote
3. government leader
Blacks that had their freedom now were called
Congress sent U.S. ________
to make sure that SC did not set up their government like it was before the war.
The Congress said you could not stop someone from voting because they were__________.
____________________was a free barber that helped write the new _______________ for SC.
1. Joesph Rainey
2. Constitution for SC
The General Assembly thought education was important so they set up _________________.
public schools
Normal schools trained blacks and white to __________.
Some problems the blacks had after the war was that some of them could not __________
or __________. Some had never been off the __________.
1. read
2. write
3. plantation
Afer the war freedmen thought they would get "_____________________".
forty (40) acres and a mule
Reconstruction was over when the ____________left. SC was now on its way.
US Troops
After the Civil War the governor had to live in__________________all year long.
How did farms and farming change after the war?
1. farms were small.
2. The farmer and his family did most of the work.
3. Had little money. Bought on credit. When they couldn't pay they lost their farms.
What is credit?
They bought now and agreed to pay later when they had sold their crops.
What is sharecropping?
Farmers without land could still farm. They farmed someone else's land. They had to share their crop with the owner of the land.
What did farmers in the Pee Dee start growing?
Clemson University was started by ____________ as a college for________________.
1. Ben Tillman
2. helping farmers learn better ways of farming
Separating blacks and whites was called_________________.
The tourist business was born because people that came here from the ____________told others about how beautiful SC was. One way they "showed" how our state looked was to send__________________.
1. North
2. postcards
What are textiles?
yarn, thread, cloth, and goods made from cloth.
What South Carolinian wanted to make textiles here at home?
William Gregg
William Gregg had the idea to build______________.
a town where his workers lived.(Mill town)
What insect caused problems for the cotton farmers?
boll weevil
In the 1930's all over the U.S. businesses were failing, people lost their jobs, banks were closing and prices fell. we call this time the __________________.
Great Depression
Who was elected the president during this time?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
What were some of the jobs that men did that improved SC during this period?
1. built new state parks
2. worked to stop erosion and fix gullies
3. built post offices, hospitals, schools, libraries, and other public buildings.
4. built bridges, airports, road and water systems.
5. gave jobs to writers.
What is kudzu and where did it come from?
1. vine
2. from Asia
What "wish book" helped kids learn how to read?
mail-order catalog
What were some of the new inventions that improved life in the mill villages and cities?
1. water systems
2. cars
3. electricity
4. trolleys
5. telephone
6. motion picture (movies)
7. movie theathers
8. radio