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What was the situation with the Buddhist clergy and temples that led the emperor to move the capital form Nara to Kyoto?
The clergy would interfere with the politics.
How did the Fujiwara clan make sure that their power and influence over the imperial family would grow?
The members of the clan would continue to marry into the imperial family.
Explain regents
a regent s a person who rules for a monarch during periods of illness or absence, or during the monarch's extreme youth.
like calling in sick
What is a courtier?
people who took part in highly refined social life of the court
has to do with socail
What was the favored form of literary expression among the Japanese courtier?
sometimes rhymes
How did the Japanese writing system differ from the Chinese?
Hiragana represents syllables not words.
What was Muraski's "Tale of Genji" about?
learning how to read and write in Chinese as a young girl.
teachers do this
How were the courtiers able to live at court? How were the supported?
farmers paid part, collected of what was supported-what was produced in provinces.
Give one reason why a small landowner would give up his land to a noble.
to avoid paying taxes