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CRT Monitor
Type Of Desktop Monitor That Contains A Cathode-Ray Tube
Data Projector
Output Device That Takes The Text And Images Displaying On A Computer Screen And Projects Them On A Larger Screen So An Audience Can See The Image Clearly.
Display Device
Output Device That Visually Conveys Text, Graphics, And Video Information.
Dot-Matrix Printer
Type Of Impact Printer That Produces Printed Images When Tiny Wire Pins On A Print Head Mechanism Strike An Inked Ribbon.
Fax Machine
Output Device That Codes And Encodes Documents So They Can Be Transmitted Over Telephone Lines.
High Definition Television; The Most Advanced Form Of Digital Television, Working With Digital Broadcast Signals, Transmitting Digital Sound, Supporting Wide Screens, And Providing Resolutions Up To 1920 X 1080 Pixels.
Audio Output Device That Covers Or Is Placed Outside The Ear.
Impact Printer
Type Of Printer That Forms Characters And Graphics On A Piece Of Paper By Striking A Mechanism Against An Inked Ribbon That Physically Contacts The Paper.
Ink-Jet Printer
Type Of Nonimpact Printer That Forms Characters And Graphics By Spraying Tiny Drops Of Liquid Ink On A Piece Of Paper.
Interactive Whiteboard
Touch-Sensitive Device, Resembling A Dry-Erase Board, That Displays The Image On A Connected Computer Screen.
Laser Printer
Type Of High-Speed, High-Quality Nonimpact Printer That Creates Images Using A Laser Beam And Powdered Ink Called Toner.
Lcd Monitor
Desktop Monitor That Uses A Liquid Crystal Display Instead Of A Cathode-Ray Tube To Produce Images On A Screen, Resulting In A Sharp, Flicker-Free Display. Also Called Flat-Panel Monitor
Liquid Crystal Display (Lcd)
Type Of Display That Uses A Liquid Compound To Present Information On A Display Device.
Display Device That Is Packaged As A Separate Peripheral.
Nonimpact Printer
Type Of Printer That Forms Characters And Graphics On A Piece Of Paper Without Actually Striking The Paper.
Data That Has Been Processed Into A Useful Form.
Output Device
Any Hardware Component That Conveys Information To One Or More People.
Plasma Monitor
Display Device That Uses Gas Plasma Technology, Which Sandwiches A Layer Of Gas Between Two Glass Plates.
Sophisticated Printers That Produce High-Quality Drawings Such As Blueprints, Maps, And Circuit Diagrams Using A Row Of Charged Wires (Called Styli) To Draw An Electrostatic Pattern On Specially Coated Paper And Then Fuse Toner To The Pattern.
Output Device That Produces Text And Graphics On A Physical Medium Such As Paper Or Transparency Film.
The Number Of Horizontal And Vertical Pixels In A Display Device.
Audio Output Devices That Generate Sound.
Thermal Printer
Type Of Nonimpact Printer That Generates Images By Pushing Electrically Heated Pins Against Heat-Sensitive Paper.
Voice Output
Audio Output That Occurs When A User Hears A Person's Voice Or When A Computer Talks To The User Through The Speakers On The Computer.
Soft Copy
Temporary Output Presented On A Display Device.
Hard Copy
Printed Information That Exists Physically And Is A More Permanent Form Of Output Than That Presented On A Display Device (Soft Copy). Also Called A Printout.