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What is the visible Church and who are its members?
The visible church consists of

1) those who profess faith in Jesus Christ
2) together with their children

(BCO 2-1).

NOTE - it is obscured, but not destroyed by different denominations. All that maintain the Word and Sacrament in their fundamental integrity are recognized as true branches of the Church (BCO 2-2).
What is the power of the Church?
the keys of the kingdom - which include the power to:
1. proclaim the gospel
2. administer the sacraments
3. receive or dismiss membership (church discipline)

BCO 3-2. Ecclesiastical power, which is wholly spiritual, is twofold.
1. The officers exercise it sometimes severally, as in preaching the Gospel, administering the Sacraments, reproving the erring, visiting the sick, and comforting the afflicted, which is the power of order
2. The officers exercise it sometimes jointly in Church courts, after the form of judgment, which is the power of jurisdiction.
Regarding power and constitution... how does the Church Differ from that of the state
BCO 3.4
Power of the Church is exclusively spiritual / the State includes the exercise of force.

Constitution of the Church derives from the Scriptures / the State must be determined by human reason and the course of providential events.

The Church has no right to construct or modify a government for the State, and the State has no right to frame a creed or polity for the Church.
** What is the purpose of the power of the Church?

The Church, with its ordinances, officers and courts, is the agency which Christ has ordained for the:

1. propagation of the faith
2. edification & government of His people
2. evangelizeation of the world.
What is a particular church?

a number of professing Christians with their children associated together:
1) For divine worship agreeable to Scripture
2) For godly living agreeable to Scripture
3) in submission to the lawful government of X's kingdom.
4) organized by the presbytery.

BCO 4-1
what is a mission church?
BCO 5-1
1. same as a particular church except there no permanent governing body
2. its goal is to mature and become organized as a particular church.
** The organization of a Particular church can be started by:

work of an evangelist
appointed commission
direct organization of the presbytery

BCO 5-8
What two kinds of members does the church have?
Non Communing
What is a Communing member (and their rights and privileges)?

BCO 6.2 & 4 defines communing members as:
1. baptized
2. admitted to Lord's table
3. professing X.

and allows them the privileges of:
1. voting,
2. admission to Lord's table
3. privileges & rights of the church (any other):

See also BCO 57-4 (regarding sealing ordinances) & 58-4 (regarding administration of the Lord's table)
What is a non communing member (and their rights and privileges)?

children of believers are entitled to:
1. baptism,
2.pastoral oversight,
3. instruction,
4. government of the church with a view to their embracing X and thus professing personally all the benefits of the covenant

BCO 6-1
What is an associate member?
believers temporarily residing in a location other than their permanent home - has all rights and privileges except voting and holding office.