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Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars
Inner planets (terrestrial planets)
Jupiter, Saturn, Urnaus, Neptune and Pluto
Outer planets (Jovian planets)
Milky way
- Formation of the Solar System via a condensing cloud of cosmic debris
- Prograde Rotation with the formation of the Protoplanets
Solar Nebula Hypothesis
- Earth accumulated in a semi-molten state and differentiated at the same time
- Heat from friction and radioactivity
Hot Heterogenous Model
- Blue Marble
- Volcanism-Outgassing
- Mild Greenhouse
- Hydrosphere of liquid water and vapor
The Earth
- Cycle of water from the Ocean to the Land and back to the Ocean
- Vast majority of water is saltwater (ocean)
- System is supplied by volcanic outgassing
Hydrosphere-Hydrologic Cycle