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TX could become a mexican state if its population grew under what offical contract
New Colonization Law
who gave credit to settlers for land
Stephen Austin
what two indian groups that raide austins settelment
Karankwas Tonkaawas
between which 2 rivers did austin locate his colony
Brazos and colorado
Austin raised a militia on his return to protect...
a central town of the first irish colony in tx was...
Austin attended College
Translyvania U
Austin served in the Missouri ...
The original settlers in the Austin colony were called
the old 300
name some of the requirments to settle inAustins Colony
No drunks, swearsin, gamblers.
Had to become Catholic
Baron de Basitrop help Moses Austin colonize TX by grant his request
Many Angelio settled dn Tx because they wanted good arm land at ...
low cost
Why did Austin request land along the coast
so he sould have a port to bring in families on his ship
Mexican authorities seldom bothered non catholis colonist because...
there was a shortage of priest
Most immigrants from TX were from
Lousiana Alabama and Arkansas