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What are 2 facts that show that coal mining can harm the environment?
It can pollute the water.
Caves can collapse.
What do we call land that has been returned to productive use?
reclaimed land
How is petroleum or natural gas removed for human use?
By drilling into the land or ocean floor
What are three problems caused by using fossil fuels?
Coal mining disturbs the land.
Burning fossil fuel contributes to the greenhouse effect.
It causes acid precipitation.
Why does oil have to be refined?
It is a mixture of many products that must be separated.
What is crude oil?
It is unrefined oil from the ground.
What happens to crude oil in the boiler?
It boils and forms gases.
What are some types of fuel that come from petroleum?
gasoline, jet fuel, home-heating fuel, and kerosene
What is formed if enough heat and pressure are applied to bituminous coal?
What type of coal has less carbon--bituminous or anthracite?
Why do we find oil and gas on land even though they were formed from ocean organisms?
An ocean once covered the land where they are found.
How does lignite differ from anthracite?
Anthracite takes longer to form, is harder, contains less water, contains more carbon, and burns cleaner.
Which fossil fuel is used to produce gasoline that we use in cars?
What are two proofs that acid precipitation harms ecosystems?
Smog, which is harmful to humans.
Also, many organisms have died in lakes.
Why should we reduce our use of fossil fuels?
They conribute to the greenhouse effect.
What is one reason why we use fossil fuels?
They are cheap and allow a large number of people to have fuel and energy for not much money.
What are three ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels?
Ride a bike
Turn off unused appliances
Learn about other forms of energy.
What are two ways coal is removed from the ground?
Digging tunnels
Strip mining
What is formed from swamp plants?
What is often found on top of oil?
natural gas--it is lighter than oil