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Dynamical System
a set of possible states together with a rule that determines the present state in terms of past states
the present state can be uniquely determined from the past states
Random or Stochastic Process
Not a dynamical system, a system where the present state is not uniquely determined by the past states but instead there is some probablilty or randomness involved and hence error.

Stochastic- involving a random variable, of relating to or characterized by conjecture
Discrete Time Dynamical System

Continuous Time Dynamical System

State of system
Discrete time when the rule is applied at discrete times,

Continuous time- limit of discrete system with smaller time intervals

state of system-whatever information needed so that the rule may be applied
Exponential Growth/Decline

Logistic Growth Model
Exponential Growth/Decline- state is multiplied by a constant factor per unit time (greater than 1 growth, less than one decline)

Logistic Growth Model- having nonlinear effects such as competition affecting the population of a species

Fixed Point
a function whose domain and range are the same space