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The Aircraft is equipped with what avionics suite
Collins Pro Line IV
The official aircraft designation is
Model CL600-2B16 variant CL604 Challenger
The max operating ceiling is
41000 ft
The respective overall length, width and height dimensions for the aircraft are
70ft, 60ft 4in, 20ft 8in
The baggage compartment is
Heated and pressurized and accesible in flight
The baggage door is
A plug type design operated from the aircraft interior or exterior
When closing the baggage door from inside the aircraft, the exterior handle is
Retracted by pulling the circular knob at the bottom of the interior operating handle
The baggage door is monitored for
Improper locking
Baggage compartment loading is limited to
The passenger door is limited to
4 passengers and a 1000 pounds max
The passenger door is locked by
4 camlock type latches located on the center and upper door which rotate around lugs in the door jamb
The vent on the passenger door opens?
Opens with initial open movement of the interior operating handle or when the outer operating handle pops out
Two or more passenger door locking discrepancies trigger the
PASSENGER DOOR warning EICAS message (and voice alert if either engine is operating)
The electric motor used in the passenger door closing is powered from
The DC essential bus
The passenger door seal Inflates
as cabin pressurization increases
The Aircraft construction is
Is primarily metal contruction with kevlar, graphite or hybrid fairings
The passenger door is properly locked when
The DOOR CLOSED advisory message appears on EICAS.

The T/O CONFIG OK advisory message appears

When the green stripe on the camlocks on the sides of the door are in view, green stripe on each of the top camlocks aligns with the adjacent reference, and green LCKD flag is in view at the bottom of the door
What doors and exits are dedicated emergency exits
The passenger door and overwing exit only
The exit hatch is a
A Plug type exit that is unlocked by retracting pins on the upper edge.
Improper locking of the aft equipment bay door
Triggers display of the EXTERNAL DOOR OPEN status EICAS message
Potable Water is installed
Via the controls and fitting located on the right aft fuselage
The cockpit windows and windshields are heated?
Vertical height adjustments for each cockpit seat is controlled by which handle?
The outboard HEIGHT LOCK handle
The pilot seats are properly adjusted using the eye reference locator when
Sight of the far (orange) ball is obscured by the near (white) ball
The Minimum taxiway width is